Two basic, hole-y problems.
One revolutionary solution.

We send you sustainably-made socks and undies (basics) when you want them.
We give you an easy way to get rid of your worn ones: send them back for recycling.
Wear. Recycle. Repeat. 

Welcome to the Basic Revolution.

What is the Basic Revolution?

We’re so glad you asked! First, here are the basic problems we want to solve:


Problem one: you wear your hole-y socks and undies for too long because "omg, didn't I just replace them?" 

Yeah, we know you do this. We do it too.


Problem two: you wish you could donate your worn-out basics, but you can’t because eewww! 

So you have to throw them out and they end up in a big, hole-y landfill. We do it too. 


Time for a revolution? Hole yeah!


This one comes in a box. Which is pretty contained as far as revolutions go.

The Basics


Receive your box of fresh, sustainably-made, hole-free basics every 6-12 months. Relish a moment of sustainable pride.


Use the same box to ship back any worn-out clothing - that can’t be donated - to be recycled! Bye-bye embarrassing landfill waste. Hello second chance for your socks.


Join our community to learn more about sustainable living and the other small, revolutionary changes you can make. Small changes made by many = one big, hole-y impact!


Sock season is upon us! 

Check out our new organic cotton knee hi socks.

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    What people say about Basic Revolution

    • Andi

      We love Basic Revolution's socks! So comfy and soft! 

      Even my husband's size 15 feet fit, which he's over the moon about.

    • Doug

      Thanks for the great socks! The bamboo athletic socks are the softest I've ever had! 

      And I'm super happy I'm now able to recycle my old ones instead of throwing them away!!

    • Heather

      I LOVE these socks and can't believe I waited so long to sign up. 

      Not only are they great quality and comfy thickness but it feels great to be part of reducing waste. 

      I donate clothes but used to throw away old personal items. 

      Sending back old socks and such is super easy thanks to BR!

    • Kristin

      I just received my first order and I am so excited! 

      The quality of the socks is better than anything I’ve ever had before. 

      So excited to watch Basic Revolution grow!


    • Sarah

      Once I learned from Basic Revolution just how much of our clothing ends up in the landfill, I was in love with their mission. 

      The socks are comfy and high quality and the process of sending back my old hole-y ones was super easy. 

      I get something I need and I'm part of the solution with regard to the environment. 

      It's a win win, and I'm so glad I signed up!

    • Lee

      Thank you Basic Revolution! I’m an over the hill male with a crowded sock drawer.

       You have made my life much easier and simpler.

    'I've never heard of clothing recycling. Why are you doing it?'


    We didn't know it existed either till a few years ago. Then we started doing some research and found out some staggering facts.


    Click here to learn more about why we need to recycle our clothing or here for our FAQ.



  • Bamboo or Organic Cotton
    Crew, Ankle, or Sport
    White, Black, or Gray

    Click here to learn more about our socks. 

    Let's Talk Price

    • Our socks average $12 per pair. So, what do you get for that?

    • Our socks are made from sustainable textiles - organic cotton and bamboo

      That’s less chemicals in our soils and on our skin. Healthier people, healthier planet.

    • Socially conscious and fair trade items

      We only work with companies whose values align with ours and part of that is making sure the people 

      who produce the products are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

    • Recycling of your old hole-y socks (and other clothing items)

      You can send any unwearable clothing that fits in the box and it goes to a fabric recycler where it can be 

      turned into anything from industrial wipe rags to insulation or carpet padding.

    • Happy Toes!

      Comfy socks and the peace of mind that those old hole-y socks are on to a second life, not the landfill.

    Our Blog 

    Get tips on how to be more sustainable and read stories of our successes and failures. Let's learn together!

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