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Sustainable clothing basics and clothing recycling. Learn how it works in 30 seconds.

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Environmental Impact of Clothing

Most textile waste comes from the stuff we wear. In 2018, the US generated 17 million tons of textile waste. 

That’s a 275% increase from 5.8 million tons of textile waste generated in 1990. What the....?

Only about 15% of the clothing we wear makes it to another human to use or is recycled.

The average American throws out 80 lbs of clothing per year. 

Our mission is to reduce the textiles waste going to landfills.

Clothing waste

Recycle Your Old Clothes

Purchase the bag and fill it with your unwanted and unusable clothing. Each bag is sorted so your items stay out of the landfill and make it to their best next life.

Even hole-y socks and old undies can be broken down and used for insulation products.
Goodbye landfill! Hello second life!

3-Steps to Be More Sustainable

Wear. Recycle. Repeat.

Receive your box of fresh, sustainably-made, hole-free basics. Relish a moment of sustainable pride shipped to you in all recyclable packaging.


Use the same box to ship back any clothing - wearable or not - to be recycled! Bye-bye landfill waste. Hello second life for your old clothes.


Join our community to learn about sustainable living and the other small changes you can make. Small changes made by many = one big, hole-y impact!

What People Say

Happy Toes and Happy People

I LOVE these socks!

Not only are they great quality and comfy thickness but it feels great to be part of reducing waste. I donate clothes but used to throw away old personal items. Sending back old socks and such is super easy thanks to BR!

I just received my first order and I am so excited! The quality of the socks is better than anything I’ve ever had before. So excited to watch Basic Revolution grow!

The knee socks are my favorites! I have 4 pairs and I wear them the first four days after doing laundry, and then I’m sad about my socks till I do laundry again. They are a perfect weight, not too thick but totally warm, they stay up without squeezing, and the star pattern is super cute and makes me happy.

Thanks for the great socks! The bamboo athletic socks are the softest I've ever had! And I'm super happy I'm now able to recycle my old ones instead of throwing them away!!

Thank you Basic Revolution! You have made my life much easier. The bamboo socks are the best I have ever owned. Plus, I can recycle my hole-y socks and feel good about being part of helping the environment.