Shocked by a pile of her husbands hole-y socks in her trash can, Basic Revolutions founder, Andrea, took her second thought (the first was ‘what the sock?’) - there must be something better to do with our old hole-y socks then toss them in the trash - and created a company focused on helping people live more sustainable lives. 


Sustainability, environmentally friendly practices, and building a company to help people thrive are the backbone of Basic Revolution. 


We believe the small impact of many will create a colossal force.


Basic Revolution’s mission is to help people live more lightly on our planet.

We achieve that by providing a fun and convenient way to purchase sustainability made essentials and recycle unwearable holey-clothing. Along with opportunities to learn about how to apply sustainable practices in our daily lives through our blog and social media.


Our vision is to build a company focused on the sustainability of our planet through environmental initiatives, education, and social consciousness.


We must support our communities to support our planet. As a company we will create quality job opportunities to help people thrive, support positive social change, and listen and grow to benefit our planet and people.



When we are open, we learn, grow, and inspire change. 



Building communities to achieve more together.



Focusing on the needs of our planet and people. Eyes open and ears listening, we alway push to be better.



Supporting our employees, our communities, and vendors to create a trusted Basic Revolution community.



We’re proud of what we do and want to share that with our employees, customers, and vendors.



Need we say more. You have to enjoy life.

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