Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic revolution all about?

Our goal is to keep textiles out of the landfill and provide sustainably-made basics (socks, undies, tanks, t-shirts) in a fun and convenient way. 


How does basic revolution work?

It's simple. Wear. Recycle. Repeat.


Wear.  Order your basics from us and you’ll receive your box of fresh, sustainably-made, hole-free basics. You’ll get to feel good about buying items you know were made in an environmentally friendly way, so wear the heck out of them!


Recycle. With every shipment you receive, you can recycle your old, worn out, un-donate-able clothing items. All you have to do is re-use the box your items came in and apply the shipping label we sent with it. Just fill it with clean socks, undies, t-shirts...whatever you can’t donate but can fit in the box goes. Then drop it off at your local post office. That’s pretty easy!


That box goes to our recycling partner who sorts and distributes the items to where they will get their next life. You’d be surprised what your old clothing can be turned into. An old t-shirt might be sent off and turned into wipe rags, other items might go to a fabric recycler to be broken down and turned into insulation, stuffing for automotive seats, or new textiles.


Repeat. Receive your sustainable basics every 6 months or year. Don’t worry, we aren’t just going to ship stuff without checking in first. And if you aren’t ready for new basics, you can delay your shipment. Once you receive the new shipment, the process starts again. Send us your old, your hole-y, your tattered and we’ll help give them a new life.


You can learn more here and here.


What basics do you sell?

Right now we're starting with socks. As we grow, we'll be adding undies, tanks, and t-shirts. All sustainably made, by companies that care about the environment, their employees, supply chain, and are socially conscious.


Are you a subscription service?

Yes! We want to keep you in sustainable basics and take those worn-out ones off your hands.


How will I know which socks are which when I receive my order?
If you do a mix we will label your socks bamboo or organic cotton. Then if you want to change your mix next time to get all your favorites or try new ones, you’ll know which is which.


I selected 7 pairs (or 15). Why does the check out say I made more than 7 (or 15) selections?
Every question (or click) is a selection (except price plan). So if you bought men’s socks, you picked a size. That’s a selection. Clicking ‘Got it’ is also a selection. A little confusing, we know. Technology! :(


How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel anytime. Just sign into your account to cancel or contact Basic Revolution directly at


Will I be notified before my order renews?
Of course! You will receive an email about a month before your order renews. At that time you can sign into your account to change your mix or delay if you aren’t ready for new socks.


Annually vs Bi-annually?
Annually you will get one shipment per year.
Bi-annually you will get a shipment every 6 months. Payment will be charged at the time of each shipment.


Can I recycle with this shipment?
Yes! There will be a shipping label in your box. Take your awesome sustainable socks out and fill it with clean, unwearable clothing items to be recycled.


What can I recycle?
The goal is to recycle items that can’t be donated. Think hole-y socks, old undies, stained shirts, lonely socks (why do dryers eat socks?), etc. Make sure it’s clean, pack it in, and send it off to its next life.


Where does my hole-y stuff go when I send it to you?
Your hole-y socks and worn out clothing go to our recycling partner who sorts each box to ensure the items make it to the best place. Old t-shirts might go one place to be turned into wipe rags, and the hole-y socks another to be remanufactured into stuffing for dog beds. While we prefer you send us stuff that is literally no longer usable by humans, if you do send something still in good shape that will go to a charity to hopefully be used by another.

Still have questions?

Email us and we'll happily answer.

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