Why recycle your hole-y clothing?

The Unmentionable Facts

We know that chatting openly about worn-out undies can be a bit awkward. But the truth about textile waste is wedgie-level uncomfortable: the average American throws out 80 lbs of clothing per year. In 2015 the US generated 16 million tons of textile waste. 


That is a 275% increase from 5.8 million tons of textile waste generated in 1990. What the sock?!


Right now, we’re sending millions of tons of old clothing into our landfills every year where, you guessed it, it does not break down. Don’t know about you, but we’re panty-twisted about this.

Clothes in landfill
Men's Organic Cotton Crew Socks

The Joy-Sparking Solutions

Selling and donating gently-used, unwanted clothing is a great solution! But what do you do with your wrecked unusables? The hole-y socks, worn-out underwear, stained t-shirts? That was a trick question - we know what you do, because we do it too. You toss them in the trash. If you’re burning your bras we love your bad-assness, but stop it.


Now, there’s a new, joy-sparking option: instead of throwing them away, recycle them! We can already hear Marie Kondo clapping her hands somewhere.


Basic Revolution is a subscription service that provides you with sustainable clothing basics (socks, undies, etc.) and gets your old stuff to a recycler. This keeps post-consumer textiles out of the landfill and turns them into useful products like insulation and stuffing for automotive seats. 


It's poetry really. Hole-y, revolutionary poetry! And we want you to join the basic revolution now. While we're planning a total, top-to-toe revolt, we're starting at the bottom, with your toes. Sign up below to find out what-the-sock!


Your Hole-y Sock Replacements

Sure, recycling your hole-y, worn out stuff sounds like a great idea. But we know you're wondering what kinds of socks you can get.


We're true to our name and all about the basics. Crew, ankle, sport, black, white, and grey. Organic cotton and bamboo.


Peruse the options for our sock box available by invitation right now. See above.


Our subscription comes in two sizes - 7 pairs for $89 or 15 pairs for $169.


Organic Cotton Ankle Socks

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