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Sustainable Giving

2020 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Think outside the box. Literally! Give the gift of an experience.

Admittedly, many experiences aren't happening right now. Museums are closed, cooking classes are on hold, and a spa day is out of the question.

However, restaurants are open for pick-up and delivery, art studios have created kits for home use, and gift certificates are available to gift a great experience your loved one can take advantage of later in 2021. A lot of businesses are offering virtual classes too!

Your family and friends can get a fun gift, and you can support local businesses struggling in unprecedented times.

A win-win this holiday season.

Experience Gifts

Museum memberships – We can’t go to museums right now but by purchasing a membership you can support their mission and give your loved one something to look forward too.

Local Restaurant Gift Card – So many options! The food lover in your life will get a great meal and you’ll be supporting businesses that need.

Art Classes or Kits – Many local art studios pivoted to virtual classes and/or take-home kits with instructions in 2020. A gift certificate can be used for current offers or saved for an in-person class in the future.

Create Your Own Gift Card – We bet Grandpa would prefer to spend time with you than get another pair of slippers. Make a gift card for an afternoon with you, doing the activity of their choice. (Hopefully it’s not cleaning the garage)

Not all gifts have to be experiences

Yes, we’re all about experiences but we do need ‘things’ sometimes.

Local Retail Gift Card –Does your friend have a favorite local store? Pick up a gift card for them and support small business at the same time. Bonus if the store sells eco-friendly items!

Socks – We’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t mention our sustainable sock boxes with recycling for old, unwearable clothing. Check out the options for men and women.

If you’re purchasing a tangible gift you can step up the sustainability by wrapping it in craft paper or a homemade fabric gift bag that can be reused.

This holiday season will be different, but we can still give great sustainable gifts and support local businesses at the same time.

We hope you like our ideas. Do you have a sustainable gift idea? Email us or hit us up on Facebook. We’d love to it with the Basic Revolution community.