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4 Tips to Being Sustainable and Saving Money

4 Tips to Being Sustainable and Saving Money

Being sustainable is overwhelming. 
  • Where do you start?
  • How much will it cost? 
  • Can you really fit all your trash for a month in a mason jar? (We certainly can’t!)

      Here are our 4 tips to be more sustainable that don’t involve buying anything new. A big part of being sustainable is being more mindful of the way we consume and use our resources.

      Buy less

      This is the easiest (and cheapest) way to be more sustainable! 

      Stop and think. It’s easy to point and click, and satisfying to get something new. But do you really need what you’re about to buy? Give it 24-48 hours to think it over, most of the time the impulse fades.

      Organize. Ever buy something only to realize months later you already had the same item? Staying organized will help you know what you have and what you don’t, so you don’t buy something you don’t need.

      Unsubscribe from retail email lists. We all get them, so many of them. It’s not easy to click unsubscribe - who wants to miss a sale?! But how often do you need what they are selling? Take the temptation away. Your inbox will thank you.


      You may not even think to repair things. We didn’t until a few years ago, especially clothing.

      It’s cheaper and more sustainable to take clothing with a broken zipper, a tear, or ripped seam to a tailor for repairing (or learn to mend it yourself) than to buy a new item. Look at clothing (and everything else) as repairable instead of disposable.

      Use to its fullest

      Unfortunately many items we buy are seen as disposable or obsolete the second something ‘new or improved’ comes out. 

      Did you know by wearing your clothes for 9 months longer it can reduce your carbon footprint by 30%. 

      Even better, create a capsule wardrobe of essential, timeless clothing pieces you love that can be easily paired together to create a variety of looks for all occasions. They will be wearable for years to come.

      Keep your cell phone longer! In 2010, American's threw away approximately 152 million cell phones. That's one phone for every two people in the US! If your phone still works well, keep in another year or two. And when it's time for an upgrade one make sure to recycle, not throw away, the old one.

      Small steps

      We put it last but it’s probably the most important. You can’t change everything at once - buy sustainable products, stop using plastic, make your own cleaning products, compost - the list of changes to make goes on. 

      Pick one way to be more sustainable and work to make it a habit. 

      For example, stop using paper towels and start using rags you can wash and reuse. It will take time for this to become part of your everyday, when it does, then start something new. No one can do everything at once, so don’t try. A lot of little steps will make a big impact.

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