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8 Tips for a Sustainable Holiday

8 Tips for a Sustainable Holiday

The holidays are notorious for overindulgence. We eat too much, drink too much, buy too much, and spend too much.

By the time January rolls around we have a massive holiday hangover. We get back to the gym, jump on the Dry January bandwagon, and shed a few tears over our dwindling bank account and exploding credit card debt. 

All of this also accounts for too much waste in the stuff-that-ends-up-in-a-landfill-way. So we are sharing some tips about how to have a more sustainable holiday.

  1. Buy less. The holiday craze makes it hard but think about what you or those you are buying for really need. We know that ugly sweater is amazing, but will it really get worn?
  2. Buy ‘green.’ Buy gifts made from recycled materials. Locally made gifts are another way to reduce your carbon footprint, as the transportation of goods contributes to greenhouse gases.
  3. Think before you wrap. Gift wrap that has foil or is embellished can’t be recycled. Opt for simple gift wrap to keep it sustainable. Same goes for cards.
  4. Gifting baked goods or taking a dish to family dinner? Put it in reusable containers. Even if it doesn’t make it back to you, at least it won’t end up in a landfill.
  5. Tone down the lightshow. Yes, the Griswold house is amazing, but that’s a lot of energy use (not to mention the electric bill!) Keep it simple and use a timer so the lights don’t say on all night.
  6. Avoid food waste. Easier said than done after you’ve had turkey four days in a row and all you want to do is chuck it in the garbage, but you can check your local area for a composting service and turn your food waste into something good for the planet!
  7. Bring your own bags. Holiday meals mean big shopping trips. Cut down on your plastic use by bringing your own reusable bags to the store.
  8. Skip the gift and give your time. Does Grandpa really need another pair of slippers or would he prefer to spend time with you. Make your own gift card for a day at the ballpark just the two of you. Time is more important than things.
Happy Holidays!