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Being Sustainable Doesn’t Have to Cost More

Being Sustainable Doesn’t Have to Cost More

First, yes, sustainably and ethically-made products often cost more. You’ll get no argument from me on that. 

I never would have dreamed of paying more than $10 for a tank top when I was in my 20s. But now I know the real cost of a $10 tank - pollutants in the environment and unfair labor practices. (That will have to be another post)

Let’s talk about how being sustainable can save you money.

Buy Less

The easiest way to be sustainable and save money! 

Think before you buy. It’s easy to click ‘buy now.' But do you need what you’re about to buy? Think about it for 48 hours, most of the time the impulse fades.

Organize. Staying organized will help you know what you have so you don’t buy something you don’t need.

Unsubscribe from emails. So many emails! If you unsubscribe you won’t be tempted by the ‘final sale, new item, special offer, must have’ or whatever marketing lingo they use to convince you to buy. Take the temptation away. Your inbox will thank you.


Clothing and shoes can often be repaired (dry cleaners and shoe repairs are amazing!) and they will cost less to fix than buy new. 

Reframe your thinking - instead of broken, think repairable. 

Use to Its Fullest

Many items are seen as disposable the second something ‘new or improved’ comes out. 

Did you know wearing your clothes for 9 months longer can reduce your carbon footprint by 30%?

Even better, create a capsule wardrobe of essential, timeless clothing pieces you love that can be easily paired together to create a variety of looks for all occasions. They will be wearable for years to come.

How do you save money by being sustainable? I’d love to hear from you.

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