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Earth Day History

How much do you know about Earth Day? We didn't know much about the origins of Earth Day so we did some Googling.

You can read all about the history of Earth Day at while you're there you can check out their events and ways to donate. It's a great resource to get more involved in stopping climate change.

#1 Tip to be more Sustainable

Being more sustainable is not an all or nothing pursuit. It's about looking at how we live and identifying habits and products we can change to be more sustainable. If you do everything at once you're likely to fail. It's like New Year's when you start a diet, a new exercise regimen, and swear off beer and eating out. Most of us will probably fail if we try and do all those things at once, we certainly would!

Our #1 tip to be more sustainable is to pick one thing to change and make that a habit before changing something else. Maybe you decide to stop using plastic storage bags. Great! Decide what you will use instead and jump in. 

But deciding to eliminate all plastic from your household would be too overwhelming. All of a sudden you see plastic EVERYWHERE. You'll get overwhelmed and discouraged and be more likely to quit.

You can check out some of our past blog posts about ways to be more sustainable if you need some inspiration. 

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Sustainability and Savings with a Capsule Wardrobe

One more way to be sustainable this Earth eco-friendly socks and recycle your old ones. (Yes, this is a shameless plug). Check out our women's and men's sock boxes. Every order comes with recycling for your unwearable/undonatable clothing. Send your old clothing to a second life instead of the landfill!

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