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Let's Party - Sustainably

Let's Party - Sustainably

March is here! Are you having people over for March Madness or Paddy’s Day? Thinking about summer get-togethers and parties? Us too! 

We love a good party, but we don’t love the bags of garage after. (Or that nagging headache. Wonder how that happened?) 

We can’t help with the headache but we do have some tips to make your parties more earth friendly.  


Plastic cups, plates, and cutlery make up a lot of party waste.

You can cut out the plastic by using real tableware. Yeah, that means more dishes, ug. But it’s not too bad, if you have a dishwasher make sure it’s empty at the start of your party so you can load it up quickly.

No dishwasher. Take your friends up on their offers to help. A couple people can knock out a stack of dishes pretty quickly.

Bonus: we’ve found people are less likely to leave real dishes in random places. (Seriously, why have we found disposable plates in the bathroom? Eww!)

Don’t have enough tableware? Look for compostable and/or recyclable disposables. 

Paper Towel

Paper towel is the savior of the spill! But it’s easy to go through a roll or two during a party. 

Instead of using paper towels, keep rags out for cleaning up, then toss them in the wash at the end. 


If you already compost this is an easy one. Whether you have a composting service or compost in your yard, we suggest getting a large bin or bucket and putting it by the trash and recycling. 

Make sure it has a lid so pets or kids can’t go exploring in it. 

At the end of the party empty it into your compost pile or add it to the bin from your service.

If you don’t compost a Google search can help you start or find a service for your party. 

Mark your bins!

Make sure everyone knows where to dispose of items with clearly marked bins. 

Recycle - cans, bottles…. 

Compost - food scraps, paper towels….

Trash -  all other items

Knowing where to put items will help curb our natural instinct to toss it in the garbage.

Tell your friends before the party

You don’t want to be the sustainability police at your party. 

Tell everyone you’re upping your sustainability game in the invitation and there will be composting, earth friendly tableware, etc. A little awareness goes a long way.

If you have a tip for a more sustainable party send it to and we’ll add it to our next newsletter.