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My Aha Moment

My Aha Moment

Sock recycling? You may be wondering where this idea came from.

You might be wondering if I’m an uber-environmentalist who recycles everything, buys all sustainable clothing and organic foods, and takes my own bags everywhere and judges everyone who doesn’t.

I'm not, I’m just like you. I try to do the best I can while living life (Humble brag: my success rate of remembering to bring my own shopping bags is now up to 95% -- hooray!).

Recycling socks came to me as a random AHA! moment a few years ago, and it took me over a year to come back to it and realize I could make it happen.

The Moment

I was picking up around the house and I went to the garbage to throw something away. And there it was, my moment, my inspiration, my aha! (too much?). It was a big pile of black crew socks in my trash. My husband’s socks. We’re talking at least a dozen pairs.

My first thought was, “There must be a better way to get rid of old socks.” Later, I was having a few drinks with friends and talking about the big pile of socks in my trash and I came up with an idea for a sock box with recycling for your hole-y socks. Working names that day included Sustainable Socks and Oh, Hole-y Sock. 

It was a conversation you have over beers that you will never actually take action on. I mean, can you even recycle socks?

But it was in the back of my mind for over a year. During that time, I noticed more ways we could be sustainable and I wanted to do more. So I took action on my crazy sock recycling idea. And here we are.

Why did my husband throw away all his socks?

Yeah, I had the same question. When I asked, he told me it’s because he is ‘living the dream’. And by 'living the dream,' he meant owning all the same sock so he never had to mate socks (the image up top is actually my husbands sock drawer). Once they start to wear out, you buy all new socks to replace them.

That inspired part of the business, the basics in bulk. Problem solved! Now, you too can ‘live the dream’ and be sustainable!