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Searching for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Searching for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Think outside the box. Literally! Give the gift of an experience.

In our Sustainable Holiday Tips post, we suggested skipping the material gifts and giving the gift of your time. Because Grandpa does not want anymore slippers, or golf balls, or novelty gifts that will collect dust until Grandma pitches them in the trash.

It’s not about things but what one can do with their time.

Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Sporting event tickets. Give your husband two tickets so he can take a buddy and you can get the house to yourself. It’s like a gift for you too!

  • Aquarium or museum tickets. They probably have special add-on experiences that are well worth it. Have you ever petted a penguin? No? Well our founder got to at the Shedd Penguin Encounter and will not shut up about it.

  • Spa day. Who doesn’t want to be pampered and relax after the holidays?

  • Art class. Have a friend who’s always talking about taking that class but doesn’t? Surprise them with a gift card for the class so they can leap into a new experience in the new year.

  • Tours. Do you live in a big city? You’ll be amazed at the number of tours there are that you didn’t even know about. Give the gift of exploration. Even better - plan an outing for you and your friends to be tourists for a day.

  • Cooking classes. Send your foodie friend to learn a new technique. Maybe you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

Whether you’re joining them for the experience or not, they’ll probably get more enjoyment out of it than a Golden Girls Chia Pet.