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The Basics of Basic Revolution

The Basics of Basic Revolution

New socks and clothing recycling...how does this work? Here's a quick rundown of our tiny revolution.

Quality, comfort, and conscious (oh, my!)

We spent a lot of time looking for great socks for our sock box. We wanted socks that were sustainably made, by companies that care about the environment, their employees, supply chain, and are socially conscious. 

AND we wanted quality socks that are comfortable. After much testing we settled on offering two kinds of socks - bamboo and organic cotton.

Bamboo is an amazing resource. It can grow over 3 feet in a single day and once harvested regenerates much like the grass in your lawn. Our bamboo socks are super soft and comfortable. They are lightweight and great for wearing with dress shoes or boots, or your everyday sneakers.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of insecticides or synthetic fertilizers like traditionally grown cotton. Our organic cotton socks are thicker than the bamboo and more like what you might think of as a traditional cotton crew sock.

It’s All About You!

Pick on our our pre-selected sock boxes or build your sock box!

We realize everyone is different. So you can customize what you get.

Maybe your a bamboo-ankle, cotton-crew, bamboo-sport-sock-kind-of-lady. Mix it up to fit what you want.


It’s so easy! There is a mailing label included with your shipment. Reuse our box to load in your hole-y socks (worn out t’s or other unwearable/un-donatable clothing), slap the label on there, and send them off to their second life. No more landfill, get the good feels.

So, if you’re an environmentally conscious or even just enviro-curious, subscribe to our newsletter or check out our product page to learn more.