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The Holiday Craze is Here!

The Holiday Craze is Here!

Can you feel it? Black Friday, Cyber Monday, buy-one-get-one, biggest sale of the year! Your email is flooded with offers. ‘Wait..now, they’re texting me.’ Buy, buy, buy!

Then the sweet relief of getting everyone on your list the perfect gift, only to realize, ‘Aunt Cathy! How could I forget Aunt Cathy after all those amazing summers at her lake house?’  And you’re back in!

Finally, the new year comes, the haze clears, and you realize you got a bunch of shit you have to figure out what to do with. Sure, some are very thoughtful, useful gifts, but others not so much. We all get them! And we’ve all given them!

Then there’s the stuff you bought yourself. ‘Yes I needed that scarf, I only have 8 scarves.’ (true story, and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet). 

Here at Basic Revolution we encourage you (and ourselves) to step back and think about what you and others really need. It’s so easy to get caught up it in, who doesn’t love a good sale.

But the more we buy, the more we have to dispose of, and the bigger toll we take on our planet.

So during the time of year when we think about and want to connect with the people we care about, let’s think about our planet too and how we can keep it healthy and happy for future generations.