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Tips for a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

Tips for a More Sustainable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be different for a lot of families this year. Many aren’t traveling to see family, perhaps it’s a Zoom Thanksgiving, or maybe it will be outdoors.

No doubt, it will be different and we hope everyone in your family stays safe and healthy.

But whatever your Thanksgiving looks like we wanted to provide a few tips to help you make it more sustainable. So here we go!

Meal Planning

Have you ever noticed how much is leftover? Thanksgiving is a time of indulgence - butter, yes please; more gravy over here; two pieces of pie, why yes! 

We’re not saying don’t over eat (we LOVE food) but it would be nice to NOT have your fridge full over leftovers for weeks. 

Perhaps a 12 pound turkey instead of a 20 pounder, or 2 pies instead of 4. Plan your meal before you shop so you don’t over buy. It will cut down on food waste and save money.

Use Real Cookware

Disposable pans and serving dishes are so much easier to clean (aka throw away). But if you buy quality pans and serving dishes, you’ll have them for years (and parties) to come. Plus, you won’t have to send anyone to the store to buy a tin roasting pan when you realize you forgot it.

We love to buy serving dishes from local artists. You can get interesting pieces and support a local artist.


Keep food scraps and inedible items (like eggshells) out of the landfill by composting. Some communities have composting services where you can drop off or composting services that pick up. Some Googling can help you find the options in your community.

Bones for Stock

Don’t toss (or hopefully compost) that turkey carcass before you use it to make some delicious stock.

Throw the bones in a big pot with water with an onion or two (quartered), big pieces of carrots, and simmer for several hours. Strain and store in silicon storage bags in the freezer. 

It’s great for soups and it’s practically free. Plus, it has less sodium than store bought stock. 

Switch Paper Towel for Rags

Paper towel is the savior of the spill! But it’s easy to go through a roll or two on Thanksgiving. 

Instead of using paper towels, keep rags out for cleaning up, then toss them in the wash at the end of the day.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

It’s hard to change habits, if you try to make all these changes you might throw in the towel before you even get to Thanksgiving day. 

Pick one or two changes to focus on and go from there, then next year try another one. 

Got a sustainable Thanksgiving tip? Email us info@mybasicrevolution or hit us up on Facebook. We’d love to share more ways to be sustainable with the Basic Revolution community.