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Women's Organic Cotton Ankle Sock Box

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5 Pairs of Organic Cotton Ankle Socks and Clothing Recycling

Comfy and cushy is here! The thick cushy feel of these socks are great for everyday wear especially in the cooler months.

These socks fit just below the ankle and are great with everyday sneakers.

81.6% Organic Cotton, 16.4% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Fits shoe size 5-11.

How to Recycle

A shipping label for recycling is included in every shipment.

Fill the box your socks came in with your old, your hole-y, your tattered to send them to a second life instead of the landfill

Any clean, unwearable/undonatable clothing can be recycled - hole-y socks, tattered undies, stained t’s, etc. If it fits in the box, it can go!

Recycling labels are good for 90 days. A new label can be requested via email if the original label expires

Your Clothing’s Second Life

Your hole-y socks and worn-out clothing go to our recycling partner who sorts each box to ensure the items make it to the best place.

Old t-shirts might go one place to be turned into wipe rags; hole-y socks and tattered undies to another to be broken down and remanufactured into insulation.

While we prefer you send us stuff that is literally no longer usable by humans, if you do send something still in good shape that will go to a charity to hopefully be used by another.