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What can be recycled?

Any clothing item. Wearable or not wearable clothes, socks, underwear, and fabric scraps, can all be recycled.

How much can I recycle?

If you purchase clothing you get FREE recycling. Fill the box you received your order in and use the return recycling label included. The box fits about 2 lbs.

You can recycle up to 5 lbs of clothes when you purchase our clothing recycle bag

Do I have to wash my clothing to be recycled? 

YES! Please only send clean items. All items is sorted to ensure the items go to the best place. You wouldn't want to sort strangers' dirty clothing. Be kind. :)

How long is my recycling label good?

Recycling labels expire 60 days after purchase. If your label has expired please email info@mybasicrevolution.com with your tracking number and a new label can be emailed.

Can I send items in a different bag or box?

Please send items in the bag sent or the box you received your order in.

I have a question not listed, who do I contact?

Email info@mybasicrevolution.com with your questions.

Cheers! And thank you for recycling :)