• Women's Sock Box 7 Pairs


    Time to build your box!

    Get sustainably made bamboo and organic cotton socks AND get rid of the old hole-y clothes you hold on to for too long, before you toss them in the garage and feel bad. 


    We know, we used to do it too! How’s it work?


    Choose 15 pairs from a selection of sustainably made bamboo and organic cotton socks.

    Get crew, ankle, and sport socks in black, white, and grey.


    Our socks are sourced from companies where sustainability is a pillar of their business, like us!


    Choose your subscription renewal of every six months or once a year. Cancel anytime.


    Recycling is included with every shipment! Use the shipping label included in the shipment to send your old, your hole-y, your tattered on to a second life instead of the landfill.


    Any clean, unwearable/undonatable clothing can be recycled - hole-y socks, tattered undies, stained t’s, etc.